Our Approach

The Vanguard School specializes in learning differences of varying levels. We offer individualized pathways for every student. This, along with our small student to teacher ratio, enables students to get one-on-one attention.


Diagnosis we work with: 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder  - Level 1

  • Dyscalculia 

  • Dyslexia 

  • Dysgraphia 


  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Executive Functioning Disorder

  • Specific Learning Disorder in Math, Reading, and Receptive/Expressive Language


Our faculty employs many different strategies to accommodate students in the areas of presentation of material, (how the student will access information); response (how the student will demonstrate competence of instructional material); setting (where the student will be instructed and assessed); and scheduling (time needed to instruct, respond and for assessment/testing).



At Vanguard, all students are required to have a laptop or tablet. Before attending, all parents and students must sign the Tech Agreement listed in the handbook and enrollment kit. All technology including phones, laptops, tablets, etc. must be individually added to the school network, which has restricted access after lights out. 


Student Paths

Vanguard Students apply and are accepted to a wide variety of colleges, universities, technical schools, and beyond.  Each student enters Vanguard with a unique perspective, set of goals, and experiences that shape their path.  Students may have credit retrieval or skill remediation, while others are working on social skills or executive functioning strategies to achieve their goals.

Vanguard assists the parents and students in evaluating their planned trajectory.  Each year, qualifying students will gain access to community college attendance, technical school attendance, employability internships, ACT Preparation, and other specific learning opportunities to help them gain confidence under guided support.


Using FACTS/Google Classroom

We’re exited to announce our new school management system, FACTS SIS (Student Information System). We’re in the process of setting up FACTS Family Portal, a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to see academic information specific to their children, while protecting their children’s information from others. FACTS has created a five minute Family Portal Overview Video to give you an introduction to the system. Once we have Family Portal up and running, we will provide you with instructions for logging in and viewing information. Together we can improve our children’s academic development and the communication between our school and your home.

The password to access the video is Portal.

Below you can access a 2020 tutorial for effectively using Google Classrooms as a Student or Parent.